Remanufacturing since 1988


Part of the Aisin Group of companies, AWTEC is located in Plymouth, Michigan, and was established in 1988. Our mission was to provide remanufactured automatic transmissions for warranty replacements in Toyota vehicles. We were also charged with providing investigations and analysis of failed transmissions, to enable the ongoing improvement of the quality of new transmissions.

History of Quality

AWTEC has since its founding subscribed to the “Quality First” mantra of our parent company. Our slogan “A Foundation of Quality…” reflects the quality heritage that we embrace. Indeed quality is at the heart of everything we do here at AWTEC. From the failure analysis data that we provide our parent company, to the products we remanufacture, through the level of customer service we provide, our very existence is based upon the desire to provide our customers the highest quality products and services available. Our commitment to these goals is described in our Mission Statement and in our Quality Policy which is evidenced by our successful pursuit and maintenance of the QS9000 status in 1999, TS 16949 in 2005, and IATF 16949 in 2018. This commitment has also been recognized by our customers, and has resulted in awards such as the Toyota Quality Alliance Gold and Platinum Awards, and the Ford Q-1 Supplier status.


History of Involvement

AWTEC is a proud member of the community of Plymouth, Michigan, and is committed to maintaining and improving this area, as well as the environment as a whole. Through our involvement with and support of organizations such as the United Way of Plymouth, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Special Olympics, and Toys for Tots, we are always looking for ways to stay involved. Remanufacturing is, by its very nature, an environmentally friendly endeavor. At AWTEC, we strive to go beyond this basic premise, and ensure that we perform our remanufacturing work in the most environmentally sound manner. Our commitment to this idea is described in our Environmental Policy and the driving force behind our ISO 14001:2015 Environmental System certification. As an early adopter of this program, we have maintained adherence to this stringent international environmental standard since 2003. We have also promoted green awareness and activity through our involvement with the Plymouth Green Street Fair, the Friends of Rouge and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Most recently, AWTEC has become a member of the Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership, earned designation as a member of the states Clean Corporate Citizen (C3) program and recognized as a Neighborhood Environmental Partner by the MDEQ.

History of Growth

Starting with three and four speed front-drive transaxles, AWTEC has added an impressive list of transmissions to its line-up including up to eight-speed front-drive transaxles; rear-drive; 4-wheel-drive; heavy-duty models used in tandem with diesel engines for heavy-duty jobs; and continuously variable transmissions (CVTs). Hybrids have recently joined the list. Initially, AWTEC remanufactured only Aisin transmissions used in Toyota vehicles, but today we serve 15 different OE customers with over 60 models and 400 part numbers. We currently provide products to Toyota, GM, Ford, Stellantis, Isuzu, Volvo, Saab, Nissan, Mazda, and other high quality vehicle manufacturers.



Aisin Group

AWTEC is a proud member of the Aisin Group of companies. Aisin is a global leader in the manufacture of automotive products, and is part of the Toyota group of companies. Aisin is comprised of more than 180 group companies around the world. For a better understanding of this expansive network, please visit the following link:


As part of the Aisin Group, AWTEC also adheres to the Aisin Corporate Principles, and utilizes these as the foundation upon which we operate our company. The Aisin Corporate Principles can be found here:


One of the key focal points of the Aisin Philosophy, and Aisin way is the pursuit of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The Aisin Group has prioritized seven of the seventeen SDGs to tackle. For more information, please visit the following link:


The ongoing evolution of our digital capabilities has heightened our awareness of the responsibility to manage and protect data of all types and levels of sensitivity. AWTEC will comply with all regulatory requirements, and will follow the Aisin Group policies for same. To review the Aisin policy for Information Protection and Management, please visit the following link: