Remanufacturing since 1988


Part of the Aisin Seiki family, AWTEC is located in Plymouth, MI and was established in 1988 to provide remanufacturing capabilities for Aisin AW, our parent company.  Our main priority is to cover the warranty programs for AISIN AW’s customers within North America.

History of Quality

AWTEC has since its founding subscribed to the “Quality Supremacy” mantra of our parent company Aisin AW.  Indeed quality is at the heart of everything we do here at AWTEC.  From the failure analysis data that we provide our parent company, to the products we ourselves remanufacture, through the level of customer service we provide, our very existence is based upon the desire to provide our customers the highest quality products and services available.  Our commitment to these goals is described in our Mission Statement and evidenced by our successful pursuit and maintenance of the QS9000 status in 1999, TS 16949 in 2005, and IATF 16949 in 2018.  This commitment has also been recognized by our customers, and has resulted in awards such as the Toyota Quality Alliance Gold Award, and the Ford Q-1 Supplier status.


History of Involvement

AWTEC is a proud member of the community of Plymouth, Michigan, and is committed to maintaining and improving this area, as well as the environment as a whole.  Through our involvement with and support of organizations such as the United Way of Plymouth, Plymouth Chamber of Commerce, Michigan Special Olympics, and Toys for Tots, we are always looking for ways to stay involved. Remanufacturing is, by its very nature, an environmentally friendly endeavor.  At AWTEC, we strive to go beyond this basic premise, and ensure that we perform our remanufacturing work in the most environmentally sound manner.  Our commitment to this idea is described in our Environmental Policy and the driving force behind our ISO14001Environmental System certification.  As an early adopter of this program, we have maintained adherence to this stringent international environmental standard since 2003.  We have also promoted green awareness and activity through our involvement with the Plymouth Green Street Fair, the Friends of Rouge and the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. Most recently, AWTEC has become a member of the Michigan Business Pollution Prevention Partnership, earned designation as a member of the states Clean Corporate Citizen (C3) program and recognized as a Neighborhood Environmental Partner by the MDEQ.

History of Growth

Starting with three and four speed front-drive transaxles, AWTEC has added an impressive list of transmissions to its line-up including up to eight-speed front-drive transaxles; rear-drive; 4-wheel-drive; heavy-duty models used in tandem with diesel engines for heavy-duty jobs; and continuously variable transmissions (CVTs). Hybrids have recently joined the list.  Initially, AWTEC remanufactured Aisin AW transmissions used in Toyota vehicles, but today we serve 15 different OE customers with over 60 models and 400 part numbers.  As the Aisin AW reputation for high quality OE transmissions grew so did its customer base and along with it AWTEC’s business has grown. Our customers now include Toyota, Volvo, Saab, Hyundai, Nissan, Ford, GM, Mazda and other high quality vehicle manufacturers.



Aisin Group Principles of Corporate Behavior

Rooted in our belief in “quality first,” we, the Aisin group of companies, strive to actively contribute to the creation of a sustainable society through our business activities in each country and region in which we operate. To this end, in accordance with the following nine principles, irrespective of the location, we respect human rights, abide by the letter and spirit of all applicable laws, rules and regulations, and act in a sincere and socially responsible manner.

Safety, Quality and Contribution to Creating a Sustainable Society

We gain satisfaction and trust from our customers and contribute to the realization of sustainable economic growth and the resolution of social issues by always striving to develop new technologies, and developing and offering products and services that are high quality, safe and beneficial to society.


We are committed to fair, transparent and open competition and appropriate and responsible business in a socially responsible manner, while complying with applicable laws, rules and regulations. We also maintain ethical relationships with government officials and avoid establishing or maintaining relationships with individuals or groups that promote illegal activities or threaten public order or safety.

Disclosure and Communication

We make available to the public our corporate information in a user-friendly and fair manner, and actively and positively communicate with our stakeholders in order to establish and develop healthy relationships.

Respect for Human Rights

We respect the human rights of all people.

Promotion of Diversified Work Styles and Upgrading the Work Environment

We promote a work style that enhances our employees' capabilities and respects their diversity, personality, and individuality. We also provide a positive and productive work environment that is safe and health-conscious.


We recognize that addressing environmental issues is a matter impacting all humans and is of critical importance to our corporate existence and business activities, and we proactively and positively address environmental issues.

Social Engagement and Contribution to Development

We are aware that we are a member of society, and contribute to sustainable development through active social engagement. We also provide support for our employees' voluntary social engagement regarding various social issues, and strive to resolve such issues in cooperation with a wide variety of stakeholders.

Thorough Crisis Management

We prepare ourselves for threats to civil life and corporate activities, and maintain thorough organizational crisis management.

Company Leadership

Our senior management takes the lead in upholding these principles, and strives to provide thorough instruction of these principles to all persons within the group, and makes known these principles to everyone concerned, including our suppliers, by establishing effective governance. If a violation of these principles occurs, senior management takes the responsibility to determine the root cause and takes preventive measures to resolve the issues, and strictly disciplines these individuals (including senior management) responsible for violations of these principles.