Automatic Transmission Remanufacturing

Our product line-up includes some of the best made, highest quality transmissions in the automotive industry. We service customers like Toyota, Volvo, and Saab, that are known by customers to offer high quality dependable vehicles.

Over the years, as our parent company’s business has expanded we’ve also been able to add new customers and products to our program.

Future plans for products include reman CVT and hybrid transmissions. Providing a wide variety and range of automatic transmissions assures that we will continue to evolve along with the industry.

awtec fwd

awtec rwd


Car Navigation Systems

Since successfully bringing the world's first voice navigation system to market in 1992, AISIN AW has played the role of industry pioneer. Today we continue to roll out innovative car navigation systems in countries and regions worldwide.

We are also looking to grow in areas such as ITS as we aggressively develop products with functionality that moves beyond simple route guidance. This attitude is evident in the way AISIN AW engineers continuously strive to create new and innovative products like NAVI-MATIC, a pioneering system that combines information and drive technologies.

awtec navigation